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Poem Examples

Please see the poem examples below. I write poems for all occasions! All poems are personalized with details given by you, making it as special as the person receiving it. 


Happy Birthday, Beverly

Today we celebrate you

Your love, your thoughtfulness 

And your generosity too


You’re an amazing sister and caretaker

We admire you in every way 

That’s why we wanted to surprise you 

With something special today


So Enjoy this basket of goodies

Light your candle and enjoy your treats too

Take the time to reflect on another year 

Of a job well done by you


Happy Birthday, Beverly

Let’s celebrate another year around the sun

Know you are so loved

Now go and have some fun!

Thank You (Nurse)

This basket is a thank you

For all the work you do

For being by a woman’s side

During one of the hardest things she’ll go through


To watch over her life

As she brings into the world another 

Helping her in her journey

Of becoming a mother


Nurses are true heroes

Never thanked enough for what they do

So I hope you know how grateful I am

Enjoy these gifts, thank you!

New Baby

Congratulations  Sara

On baby Benny who’s so new

It's all about the baby now

But mamas need love too! 


Becoming a new mom isn’t easy

So today we celebrate you

Your love, your beautiful, kind spirit 

And your strength too


So here’s a basket filled with love

And healing goodies just for you

They may not help with the sleepless nights

But sometimes a hot shower and chocolate will do


Because a day can feel like a year

but your year will feel like it flew 

The reality is babies are tough sometimes

but mama, so are you!

New Home (Realtor)

Congratulations, Sam

So happy you found “the one”

A home to fill with love and joy

And of course a whole lot of fun


It’s been an honor to be a small part

Of the excitement of owning your first home

I know you’ve worked so hard 

To have a place to call your own


So enjoy every moment 

Barbecues and celebrations with family and friends 

I wish you nothing but joy and happiness

I hope the smiles never end


Thank you, it’s been my pleasure 

Finding a place just for you

Please let me know if I can be of service

Or if there is anything more I can do! 

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